Alumni of the Maranatha Christian University Faculty of Medicine are members of the “Maranatha Doctors Alumni Association” (PADMA). PADMA is an alumni organization that houses all medical graduates from the Maranatha Faculty of Medicine. By performing administrative confirmation, every student who passes becomes a member automatically. Each graduate is symbolically inaugurated/accepted as an official member when the “prospective member” is sworn in to become a doctor by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Maranatha.

PADMA, which has been around for over 50 years, has over 3000 members spread throughout Indonesia and even abroad. PADMA members work in almost every existing specialist discipline and in all professional lines in the health sector.

One of the roles listed in the memorandum and articles of association of PADMA is to assist its alma mater, FK Maranatha Christian University, in various ways, including many of its members who become lecturers, both preclinical and clinical. PADMA and FK frequently collaborate in organizing seminars at the local level, such as Siang Klinik and RTD. At the national level, the collaboration with Immanuel Hospital has become three flags in making continuous professional development for doctors. BCSS is a form of collaboration between two parties in holding seminars and workshops to sharpen the competence of general practitioners, which is held annually in collaboration with FK Maranatha.

Expert lectures, which are held on a regular basis by the faculty, frequently invite PADMA members to share their knowledge with their juniors in order for them to better understand the teaching materials in the current semester/block.

The routine PADMA event, namely community service in medical assistance, is carried out no less than three times a year on a large scale and six times a year on a small scale, and includes health education for the general public and school students. In fact, over the last year, PADMA has collaborated with one of the shelters to organize routine community treatment events once a month with 100 patients per activity, involving many PADMA members from different generations.

Although the funds in the PADMA cash are small, PADMA is attempting to make a real-world donation, namely a certain amount of money (the most recent being IDR 10 million) and materials in the form of textbooks and a smart monitor to help students know the class schedule in real time.

Many of our members are quite successful and have health facilities that can be used as learning facilities for younger students to apply their knowledge, such as Kasih Bunda Hospital, which is eager to establish itself as a teaching hospital as part of the FK Maranatha network.

PADMA, through its endowment fund, plans to build its own hospital, the shares of which are held by all members, and whose existence will be dedicated to the advancement of FK Maranatha’s beloved alma mater.



dr. Dani, M.Kes
Chair of PADMA