Graduate Profile

The Medical Doctor Education Program, which consists of two stages, the Bachelor of Medical Doctor Education Program and the Medical Doctor Professional Education Program, has the following graduate profile:

1.     A doctor who upholds the values of love.

1.1 Perform their job duties with empathy and respect for the patient as a whole person.

2.    General practitioner with integrity, professionalism, communication skills, leadership qualities, and a great personality.

2.1 Capable of conducting research and making strategic clinical decisions with full accountability and responsibility for all aspects of General Medicine.

2.2 Capable of being a communicative leader in health service units, including Primary Health Centers (Puskesmas), Clinics, Hospitals, and independent practice.

2.3 Capable of using available science and technology in the workplace to solve problems.

2.4 Capable of making strategic decisions based on information and data analysis and to provide instructions in the resolution of health problems

2.5 Being accountable for their work and capable of taking responsibility for the performance of their work unit, as well as being able to solve science and technology problems in the field of general medical science.

2.6 Understanding and applying medical science theory to solve individual patient and public health problems.

3.    Doctors who are skilled in the application of evidence-based medical herbal science and medical nutrition

3.1 Capable of using medical herbal science and evidence-based medical nutrition science for prevention and treatment in accordance with community needs.