Faculty Senate


In accordance with the 2016 Maranatha Christian University Statute, Maranatha Christian University Rector Decree No. 022/SK/ORG/UKM/IV/2017 and Maranatha Christian University Rector Decree No.131/SK/ORG/UKM/VI/2018, normative bodies at the level The Faculty is run by the Faculty Senate. The membership of the Faculty Senate consists of the Executive Board elements in the Faculty as well as representatives of permanent lecturers from each Degree Program in the relevant Faculty (in this case the Faculty of Medicine). Members of the Faculty Senate from the Executive Board elements in the Faculty are the Dean, Vice Dean, and Heads of the Degree Programs whose membership are attached to their respective positions (ex-officio).

According to the Statutes of Maranatha Christian University, the members of the Faculty Senate consist of:

  1. Dean
  2. Vice Dean
  3. Head of Study Program
  4. 1 (one) lecturer representative for each Degree Program;
  5. Especially for Faculties that have 1 (one) Degree Program can be represented by 2 (two) lecturer representatives.

The term of office of the Faculty Senate is 4 (four) years and after that it can be reappointed.

The Faculty Senate has the main task of outlining the University’s academic policies and regulations for its Faculties, including :

  1. Directing the academic policy of the Faculty
  2. Directing the policy of assessing the achievements and skills of lecturers and/or education staff at the Faculty level
  3. Directing the benchmark norms for the implementation of the Faculty
  4. Providing consideration and feedback on the implementation of academic policies implemented by the Faculty Leaders

The Faculty Senate is chaired by the Chair of the Faculty Senate and accompanied by the Faculty Senate Secretary who is elected from and by members of the Faculty Senate.


The Decree of the Management of the Maranatha Christian Higher Education Foundation number: 440/ SK/ YPTKM/ IX/ 2020 concerning the Appointment of Members of the Senate of the Faculty of Medicine at Maranatha Christian University for the Period 2020 – 2024 stipulates the composition of the members of the Senate of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine UKM as follows:



Period 2020-2024

Chair of the Faculty Senate : Dr. dr. Diana Krisanti Jasaputra, M Kes.
Secretary of the Faculty Senate : dr. Yenni Limyati, S.Sn., M Kes., Sp.KFR.
Members : Prof. Dr. dr. Susy Tjahjani, M Kes.
  dr. Fanny Rahardja, M.Si.
  Dr. dr. Julia Windi Gunadi, M Kes.
  Dr. dr. Fen Tih, M Kes.
  dr. Dedeh Supantini, SpS., MPd. Ked.
  dr. Franky Saputra Supriady, SpA.